Who's behind the screen?...

Picture in your mind a woodstove-heated house surrounded by tall, scented pine and fir trees, above a rushing, rock-strewn stream at about 5000 feet in central Idaho...  A woman (that's me), her husband, and two personality-filled dogs (Iris the samoyed and Jetta the mixed-up chow) - that's where this website began.
In a remote mountain village of less than 50 full-time folks (we live - half the year, now - where my prospector grandfather homesteaded almost a century ago - and where the dogs equal 70% of the population of the humans), jobs are what you create... that's how I got involved with websites.  Why
AlternativePetHealth.com?  Because the other "marketing" websites lost their attraction; but critters and alternative medicine are two of my top interests, and this is something I feel passionate about.

If the site isn't terribly complete-looking when you first arrived, you'll see more and more as time goes on.  Our beloved dogs are now gone - but they and the concern for other animal loved ones are never long away from my thoughts.  (And at our new house, we have some beautiful koi - I'm always learning more about God's creatures!)

And if you have something to contribute, please e-mail me to tell me about it...
sg @ AlternativePetHealth.com.  It bears repeating - one person can only do so much... and it's the animals who need our help that count.  (I'm not a health practitioner - except at home.  Liaisons with experienced holistic health professionals would be most welcome.)

Thanks for being here - I hope you'll find what you need...  And may you and your pets be well!

Sherry Gordon


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