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Burying the Bones... And Other Aspects of a Raw Canine Diet

I've read that dogs can flourish on a vegetarian diet, though cats need taurine that's found only in meat...  True about cats, not true about dogs, says this European homeopath - dogs need a raw food diet just like their ancestors.  And read what he says about the healing power of burying wild bones... fascinating stuff!


But here are some useful tidbits on herbal healing...

from the book Say Goodbye to Illness «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at Amazon.com  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books], by Devi Nambudripad - the chapter titled "Kinesiology and Acupuncture":

"Herbs also will do the same healing [as acupuncture and kinesiology].  Electromagnetic forces of special herbs actually have the quality to enter the selective meridians, and the strong electrical forces of these herbs can push energy blockage out of the body and restore the energy balances.  The well trained herbologist can bring the same result as acupuncture.  Acupuncture and herbs together can produce excellent results also.  If the herbologist is not well trained, he can cause more damages to the meridians, should he fail to diagnose or find the exact blocked meridian and give the herbs to clear the wrong meridians."


The ingredient most harmful in Science Diet is ethoxyquin....not only a rubber hardener but also an insecticide. It is believed to cause liver and kidney dis-ease, cancer, immune dis-eases, skin problems and hair loss, gross birth deformities and thyroid problems. At the time of the printing of the data I have Iams, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Pro-plan and Purina all contained ethoxyquin. At the time of the same printing, Nature's recipe, Lick Your Chops, Solid Gold, Precise, Pet Guard, Cornucopia, Wysong and Natural Balance did not. You are certainly correct in your opion of SD. Gloria Dodd, VMD, retired has fought for years with the USDA against ethoxyquin.Chronic Constipation [Archive] - otherhealth.com

And here is an inspiring as well as useful herbal healing story, about an alpaca's wonderful recovery...

Candace Wingo (see her page on this site) is an experienced holistic animal healer and a raiser of alpacas in the Texas Hill Country.  Her article about helping a sick young alpaca with mostly herbs is well worth reading, for the sake of what can be applied to the healing of any animal:  www.AlpacasALLNaturale.com/rehab_stories.htm




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