I highly recommend this DVD by Pamela Berger featuring Dr. Richard Pitcairn, veterinarian since 1965 and author of Dr. Pitcairn's complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books] and two dog chefs (one a nutrition-savvy cancer survivor).  Learn the basics about the raw food diet that is so much healthier for our animals than modern pet food.  Worried about how to go about it? - here are simple guidelines, easy recipes (one prepared by a child!), and testimonials from delighted dog owners who have made the switch and watched their critters' allergies, skin growths, and ear infections go away and their energy rise.  The dog footage is rollicking and happy, the information truly helpful (extra Pitcairn interview at the end), and there are a couple of sections directed especially at kids...  This would be a wonderful gift for a family getting a new dog - or just for someone who's ready to explore a diet that "supports health as well as life" for their beloved companion/s.  TO GET THE DVD, you'll have to locate a copy for sale at one of various websites, as the Interdependent Pictures site ( seems to have died.

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