Emotional-based Healing

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques" - because practice of it can readily (and often very quickly and dramatically) clear up "stuck" emotionally-based patterning that can lead to various forms of disturbance and disease.  

Memories that bother us are established when a strong negative emotion is associated with something that happens.  One way of looking at it is that they're locked into our energetic system somewhere - and EFT is able to uncouple the emotional response from the memory.  If you wish to think in terms of such super-charged memories being held in the mind, that works.  Much research has shown, though, that memories (or perhaps it's the charge of them?) are stored in the heart, in the energy meridians; and perhaps, since research is showing that we're holographic beings, in all of our organs and cells.  However you think about it is inconsequential - the main thing is that the unlocking technique works.

EFT is actually a simplified version of a therapeutic system called "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT), developed by clinical psychologist Roger Callahan... who in turn based his approach on information drawn from the work of Australian psychiatrist John Diamond, who years ago discovered the connection between the acupuncture meridians and the emotions.  TFT involves tapping on just the right meridian point related to the relevant emotion; EFT involves tapping on a series of meridian points, so as to cover all the possible meridian points - much easier and more accessible to those who aren't familiar with all the various points.  You tap while you hold in your mind some bothersome thought or situation (yes, including a physical problem - we're well aware of how widely stress affects the body) - and the tapping somehow releases and dispels the "stuck energy" of the negative thought pattern that's affiliated with that situation.

Gary Craig's explanatory and instructional material is finally available in book form:  The EFT Manual.  «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at Amazon.com  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books]  I learned from an elderly ebook (not the easiest thing to use, for several reasons), which has been superseded by this book-in-hand.  There is also to be a free online training manual at www.emofree.com.  There are some useful YouTube videos by various people.  Another book I've appreciated is Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing: The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need.  «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at Amazon.com  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books], by Gloria Arenson.  

The basic idea is to do the EFT routine on something, anything, that's bothering you.  (You can even do it on "I don't know what to begin with" - so there's no reason not to begin!) ...One thing generally leads to other aspects of a multifaceted issue.  Craig's EFT system also includes routinely applying a "polarity reversal" technique to clean up possible mental blocks to success (which practitioners of TFT do only when necessary) - again, making the application simpler (yet more time-consuming by only a matter of a minute or two).

Sometimes one ~5-minute round of tapping will completely take care of a particular pattern - which can be very dramatic, if it's something like a lifetime phobia cured in a single step!  (Yep, I saw this with a friend in her 50s who'd had a spider phobia since age 5 - gone.  She actually loves spiders now, as a matter of fact.)  One might have to do a few 5-minute rounds of tapping sequences to ensure that all the related meridians are covered.  As John Diamond discovered, there's always one particular meridian in need of balancing first; when that's taken care of, another one may crop up as being in need of balancing; and so on.  (I might do EFT on five different matters in a row - usually all related to a central problem - and after needing to do one round on the first four, I might suddenly need to do it seven times on one issue; you never know.)  Addictions usually require repeated daily tapping for some weeks as the person regularly encounters similar upset-producing scenarios.

So, I've been talking about humans - what about animals?  Well, a little more suspended disbelief may be in order for you with this if you're one who isn't comfortable thinking in terms of energy transference...  Unless you're able to communicate directly with your pet, you're faced with the problem of not being able to ask it questions and receive answers about its state of mind.  However, what does work is to use yourself (or someone else - the pet owner, if you're helping a friend's animal) as a surrogate.  You ask on behalf of the animal whether it would like your help (and wait for an intuitive response in yourself - or muscle test for a "yes" or "no"); you tap on yourself and hold the thought of the animal's situation.  If you want feedback, muscle test again - on the human, whose hand is resting on the pet.

(And... in a similar  manner, you can do EFT for someone else who is at a distance.  Yes, I have had some astonishing success with this myself.  Whether the person, or animal, is in another part of the house or another part of the globe makes no difference to an energy wave.  If you believe in prayer, I assume this won't be that much of a stretch for you.  If it is a stretch... you could still try it out. :^)  Always ask first whether the subject is a willing recipient of any help you might possibly be able to give.)

Whether you're doing EFT for a human or an animal, it's important to be realistic about "success".  You wouldn't go treasure-hunting in the desert, dig in one spot only, find only sand or maybe a dime, and then say treasure-hunting didn't work because you didn't hit upon the right spot for it.  EFT gives you a marvelous tool for "digging out" old buried pieces of your subconscious programming that are hurting you - but you do have to hunt about a bit.  If nothing clears up because you're only tapping on a minor side issue to a major problem (or if only a little something clears up - or something clears up for just a little while and comes back), perhaps you haven't found the main issue/s.  (Though one of the delights of EFT is that doing it on a few facets of a complex issue is likely to result in the clearing up of all the facets - what a bonus!... and another clue that we really are holographic.)

Or perhaps a lack of success, after really working at it, means you've truly hit on something that needs a different approach.  Maybe there's something you just don't know about that won't lend itself to full clearing with EFT.  In such a case, I would direct your attention to the German New Medicine (see next page, below).  I say this especially because one of the major findings of GNM is that there is a healing phase to every illness - and that healing often looks like (is called by the medical profession) another kind of illness!  Your knowledge about healing phases can be a big clue to what's going on with your pet (or yourself) after your having done everything possible to make it well - maybe it is actually getting there... but you'll want to be sure.

If EFT seriously intrigues you, I also encourage you to delve into the background work of Roger Callahan:  Tapping the Healer Within: Using Thought-Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress (with co-author Richard Trubo) - and, further in the background (and quite fascinating in its own right), that of John Diamond:  Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions «- Clicking on these links will take you to book info at Amazon.com  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books]

There are also actually a plethora of off-shoots of EFT you may run across if you delve.  To me, this just underlines the fundamental truth of "energy tapping" working.  We may not yet know precisely how, but in the meantime, we can explore, and let these beneficent discoveries do their healing work.  The body-mind is a wondrous thing! - there are so many ways we can influence it for our good.  Do what feels right to you and see if you can help yourself, and your critters.




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