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The German New Medicine is a system of medicine discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, who practiced mainstream medicine in Germany for almost two decades before an extraordinary situation occurred to direct his mind along new lines.  The situation was the tragic shooting of his grown son, and the cancer that arose in his own body (as well as in his wife's, in fact) immediately following his son's death.  Dr. Hamer found these coincidences to be highly suspicious, and he later dove into case studies of what mounted up to thousands of other cancer patients... to discover that all had experienced some shock that caught them unprepared just prior to the onset of their illness.  Moreover, this type of conflict occurrence, or "biological shock", not only could be traced to other disease states, it could be found in mental illnesses - and it could be clearly tracked, in every single case, in brain scans that show precisely where in the brain a record of the shock is located. ...That spot in the brain being correlated with symptoms in a specific part or parts of the body, depending on the type of emotional shock received.  (And the type of shock would be determined largely by the individual's response to what happens.)

As if this were not enough to blow the socks off of the medical establishment, Dr. Hamer also discovered that all disease states follow the same two-phase pattern:  First there is a cold phase, or "conflict-active" phase, characterized by accompanying feelings of physical coldness caused by constriction of the blood vessels in a state of stress.  (Tumors, in fact, have been shown to grow during this phase so as to make affected organs function better - ! - to increase their functional capacity.  But depending on the brain center affected, there may be tissue loss, which also has a meaningful biological function.)  

Then, when the conflict has been resolved for the patient (if it is), comes a warm phase or "healing phase" (or better called "resolving phase") wherein the blood vessels are widened and other corrective tissue changes take place.  The revolutionary aspect of this discovery is that many physical states mainstream medicine names as illnesses are simply the body's healing responses.  (Consider how a fever heats the body; and how water will be drawn to the brain area affected so as to protect it during its healing - which can cause headaches and other symptoms; water may be drawn to and flushed from other areas of the body for yet other purposes, microbes may become active - all for a beneficial cause but creating yet other uncomfortable symptoms.)  Whew!

(I doubt you will be surprised to learn that Dr. Hamer has been vilified and his work studiously ridiculed or ignored by the medical profession in which he was a welcomed member while thinking inside the same old box - despite a huge body of scientific proof of what he says.)

This website, by Dr. Caroline Markolin in Canada, is well set up for teaching the fundamentals of GNM:  http://LearningGNM.com - a wealth of instructive pages (as well as selling of in-depth video presentations on specific disease states).  This new-in-2018 website, however, offers a series of short, very well-done videos that serve as an excellent basic introduction to the New Medicine:  http://www.disease-is-different.com - which I highly recommend as the place to begin.

I can only give the briefest of preludes here... but I'd like to emphasize one thing:  "When we experience a conflict shock..., our mind is in a state of acute awareness.  Highly alert, our subconscious picks up all components associated with the particular conflict situation, e.g., the location, the weather condition, people involved, sounds, smells, and so forth.  In German New Medicine, we call the imprints that remain in the aftermath... 'tracks'" - which lead to chronic ailments (replayed conflict-based programming).  Compare this with what was said about the special case of EFT (previous page) and addictions needing continuing attention because the triggering situations may be encountered on an ongoing basis.

Interestingly, GNM recognizes that "the biological purpose of the track is to function as a warning signal in order to avoid experiencing the same 'danger'... a second time.  In the wild, these alarm signals are vital for survival" - but we have grown accustomed to ignoring our disease signals, or running to the medicine cabinet or doctor to shut them down.  (And no wonder so many healing therapies do good when there are so many aspects of our being involved with each instigating scenario - at a minimum engaging our five known senses, and perhaps much more not yet understood by "science".)

The basis for GNM therapy is to recognize these biological (and psychological) signals as stemming from a conflict shock (again, also the basis for EFT and other such treatments) - which often in itself resolves the conflict and leads to healing.  (But that healing passes through the warm phase - beware!:  be aware.  In each of the two phases, worrisome things can crop up.  However, knowledge of GNM offers one a far greater confidence in the body/mind's own pre-programmed healing powers.)

In essence, GNM practitioners heal more through counseling than through "doctoring" - though their awareness of healing phases may be critical in illnesses of a serious nature.  Some healing phase changes can be quite uncomfortable, even dangerous, depending on the state of the body, and particularly when there has been a history of repeated "tracking", or of harmful medical interventions that have damaged the organism (e.g., chemo and radiation, some surgeries, etc.).  And expert knowledge of the body's true healing "programs" can also avoid unnecessary dangerous medical treatments when alarming symptoms would be expected to resolve on their own.

Yes, there is a lot to learn about the German New Medicine - much more than what I've touched on - but at least it is all presented in logical and readable fashion on the LearningGNM.com site.  Another good resource is the website www.newmedicine.ca, founded by Ilsedora Laker.

Unfortunately, there are as yet few trained practitioners (more in Europe than elsewhere) - though some will work over the phone from afar.  But it is incredibly heartening to know that just making the connection between a shocking occurrence and a disturbing illness can send you on your way to recovered health.

(Also, now that you're clued into the criticality of shocks to the system, I suggest that you consider the benefits of doing EFT - see the previous page - after any event that you experience as a shocking negative.  As GNM practitioners have discovered, when the conflict is resolved quickly, little negative effect is experienced.) 

And what about GNM for animals?  For the most part, applying German New Medicine principles to your pets is going to be up to you.  You will need to learn at least the rudiments of GNM, yes, but more importantly, you will need to use your critical thinking skills and some intuition and think outside the usual box.  Start with the idea that whatever is wrong might be related to a shock or a state of distress that your critter has experienced - and then go about trying to resolve the stressor (while supporting your critter with TLC and good physical healing measures discussed elsewhere on this site).  A good book for giving clues to an assortment of ailments is The Biogenealogy Sourcebook: Healing the Body by Resolving Traumas of the Past, by Christian Flèche.  «- Clicking on these links will take you to book info at Amazon.com  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books]

To get your creative juices flowing, check out this short article by Dr. Hamer about a very sick dog... who was healed simply by applying an old-fashioned remedy for his separation-anxiety stress:  his mother.




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