Animal Communicator

Mary Lemons

(and why you might like to avail yourself of such a person)


As I mentioned on the Animal Healing Specialists / Animal Communicators page, I've been considerably aided by Mary Lemons myself and can recommend her services wholeheartedly.

There are many reasons why one might wish to consult an animal communicator (i.e., a "pet psychic" - one who can act as an interpreter, as it were, so that your animal can communicate to, and with, you).  While she might also do some energy work (she is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master) if you saw her in person, Mary can facilitate an interaction between you and your pet/s from a distance, connecting with you and your animal wherever you are.

These are some of the issues that Mary lists as possibilities for private sessions with her:

  • Lost animals
  • Training problems
  • Behavior issues
  • Pet jealousies
  • Preparing for absences
  • Healing one's relationships with animals
  • Inviting your pet to help you spiritually in your life
  • Sick or dying animals - understanding the underlying cause of health problems, and determining what the animal wants for itself
  • Bereavement - and communicating with animals who have passed on

Here are some things Mary says about her work (which, as she puts it, allows her to "connect you with the higher self of your animal - and you learn from each other")...

"Connecting with your animal spiritually can be very practical.  It helps with animal behavior, letting the animal and human know from each other what is expected of them.  It can also affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of your pet and your own self.

"My intuitive sessions complement traditional veterinary care.  They help you realize the issues behind physical symptoms.  Dealing with the spiritual issues speeds up physical healing in both animals and people.

"Communicating with dying animals helps the animal and owner process their grief.  It shifts the owner's perspective to relating to their beloved pet spiritually, instead of physically.  After an animal physically dies, he is available to his owner on a different level.  It is amazing how our deceased animals continue to work with us.  Having lived with us here on Mother Earth, they know what we need and desire.  Being in spirit, they can help make our earthly journey easier for us.

"As we communicate with animals, we gain insights into our own issues.  Our animals' experiences are opportunities for our own spiritual growth.  Often our pet's journey mirrors our own journey."

Certainly I would expect that any pet "owner" who has read this far would agree that our companion animals are meaningfully intertwined in our lives.  It might interest you to hear a little about my own acquaintance with Mary Lemons and how significant it was for me in a time of dire need...

Personal experience with an animal intuitive...

(Though Mary works a little differently now, this will give you some idea of how profoundly valuable getting in touch with an animal communicator can be...)

Though I originally contacted Mary seeking some enlightenment on the causes of my dog Iris' ongoing health problems, our other dog, Jetta, suddenly began seizuring at this time.  (Perhaps you've read my article on seizures, which an earlier bout - due to seeds in her ears - had led me to write. ...This was different.)  Our vet was sure that it was because of an obviously abscessed upper back tooth, the inflamed area pressing into the brain - but he sent us back home with some seizure medication and antibiotics, since operating on her in that condition would be extremely risky.  Before we were due to return a week later, the seizures could no longer be controlled.  

My husband and a friend took our dear, suffering Jetta out of the snowy mountains to a different vet (ours was then on jury duty) while I stayed with Iris (long, twisty car trips were very hard on her aged legs) - and on their arrival, we were suddenly faced with the fact that it was too late for help.  In shock, I had only a few minutes to prepare myself for Jetta's passing.

Perhaps you don't really believe in animal communication for yourself... but we do it all the time with our own pets - the only difference between us and an "animal communicator" being that they are so much better at listening!  Over the years I'd grown to believe that, though animals might not understand English (or whatever language we speak), what we say to them is somehow "translated" for them, and that they do grasp the meaning of our communicating (as well as the heart-language of our communing)...  I told Iris what was about to occur; we lay side by side, saying goodbye to our beloved Jetta; I sobbed and felt like my heart was breaking apart; and afterward when I moved to hug Iris, I found that dogs can cry - tears were streaming from her eyes.

...So the reason for my consultation with Mary Lemons morphed from "about underlying causes of disease" to "about death and dying and letting go".  When she heard what had happened, Mary was able to inform me that Jetta, when she "tuned in" with her, let her know that she'd been looking for such an opportunity for quite some time, and that she entreated me to not berate myself for any lack of care, because this was the fulfillment of a plan she'd intended. ...And though I had no idea what the plan was for, knowing this was indeed consoling.

At first, Iris was "doing well" and seemed astonishingly buoyant; a couple of days later, though (as she took it all in, I would say), she literally swelled with grief...  Her kidneys reacted (the kidneys are related to grief in Chinese medicine, I was intrigued to learn later), and the edema that took hold didn't respond to the medication I rushed to get for her.  Now I was faced with a choice:  to ask her to stay for my sake, or to let her go if that's what she wanted; in other words, to keep the choice for myself, or to give it to her.  I knew she would rally for me, in my devastation over losing Jetta, if I asked it of her (or, if you prefer, if I showed myself to be terribly needy of the comfort); but Iris was 15... and obviously, she was tired and sorely grieved herself.  (I thought, would I want to be the remaining, elderly, lonely dog?  Too, would I rather get this kind of pain over all at once, if she wants to leave, or hold onto her and go through this hell again later on?)

After thinking on it awhile, I saw that Iris' decision was the only appropriate driver for the coming days - and through Mary, thank God!, I was able to ask and be answered... and to ensure that Iris believed I truly did want what she wanted.  (Sometimes Mary is asked by the animal for her own feedback.)  The initial response was that the idea of choosing to go instead of working to stay by me was something she hadn't let herself consider before; after thanking me for the freedom to decide, she said she'd think on it and let me know...

Yes, our animals' experiences certainly are opportunities for our own spiritual growth (and I feel sure that they plan them that way!; I began to think about how Jetta's "death opportunity" might fit into a plan to crack me open - to what purpose, only the future would tell).  Perhaps you can imagine something of the trial it was to wait in agonizing suspense to learn just how large the hole in my life would be - and to keep my will aligned with that of Iris, and God.  Then, when I learned that Iris had decided to take her leave of earth, the trick was to keep on wanting what she wanted (more than I wanted her to stay).

Not only did Mary "interpret" for us, she gave both of us of her own wisdom.  She acted as a sounding board for Iris in her deliberations, making sure she understood that she was truly being given her freedom, and how wonderfully free she might be in it.  Mary also conducted me through some very soothing guided imagery explorations over these days, that helped me greatly to lift myself above the pain-bound body-me and body-Iris and -Jetta and connect more surely with the spirit that inhabits the bodies (and lives on, I hope you also believe).  I might add that knowing that Iris was to go - according to her own plan - was of inestimable relief to my mind, and gave me the freedom to concentrate on simply loving her (and learning from her) all the last moments of her life.

I will eternally be grateful to this wonderful woman for the understanding and compassionate aid she gave me during the most painful week of my life.

Getting in touch with Mary

If you have need of a spirit-centered counselor, for any number of possible reasons, you may contact Mary Lemons by email at or by phone: 704/984-1099.  I certainly expect to keep my line to her open.  Her website is