Animal Healing Specialists /
Animal Communicators


I'm giving the term "animal healing specialist" to the practitioner who is not a veterinarian (nor mainly a homeopath, which I've also covered under a section unto itself)... and who offers a non-traditional array of healing techniques.

In a way, "specialist" is misleading...  Though someone in this category might specialize in one technique, s/he might rather draw from an assortment of methods, based on an assessment of individual needs.  (Some do specialize in a type of animal though, e.g., equine holistic therapists.)

Such practitioners may very well complement what veterinarians (holistic or not) can do for your animal.  This has been my experience - that it was well worth seeking the advice of a person who is more like a naturopath or "medicine woman" of old as well as a traditionally-trained (though holistically-disposed) veterinarian.  I found that the former "filled in the interstices", as it were, of the latter's approach.

(And if your pet is ill, it will probably be important for you to have a vet's diagnosis in hand before you consult with such a specialist.)

An animal communicator is what some call a "pet psychic" - that is, they can tune into the animal on a spiritual level and facilitate a communication between you and your pet.  Hearing what our pets have to say can be a marvelous boon in so many ways - to help us understand why they're ill or acting strangely, what they need/want, and how they help us while they're here sharing our lives.


I haven't run into many people who fall into the category of animal healing specialists - though I suppose that they might be apt to advertise in local natural healing directories; and there are a few of them to be found on the web.  You'll probably have to creatively play around with web search terms to locate these people online - such as "animal therapist", "certified animal therapist", "animal healer", and the like.  Many animal communicators advertise their services on their own websites, and elsewhere (even on eBay!), these days - the search term "animal communicator" will turn up a plethora of them (other possibilities are "animal intuitive" and "pet psychic").  Reading what they have to say about their services can be very fascinating!

...One might have a strong feeling about the rightness-for-you of a certain person just by reading an ad or a bio and list of services, and I certainly don't intend to direct anyone away from these possibilities - but I thought it might be helpful to mention people whose abilities and compassion I feel very certain about.

I can highly recommend, from personal experience, any of the women below - each of whom works over the phone or email...

Candace Wingo

Candace lives in the Texas hill country, where she and her husband raise alpacas.

In the page I devote to her, I tell of my initial encounter with her - so as to illustrate not only what can be accomplished from afar, but also how her services meshed with those of the holistic veterinarian to whom I had just taken my dog. 

Candace is a Certified Animal Therapist with a large and ever-growing "bag of tricks" at hand - including various kinds of body work and energetic work, experience with many different types of supplements, knowledge of homeopathy and acupressure, EFT, etc...  Knowledge which can be imparted though the animal isn't there with her.  She is also increasingly intuitive and is able to help with behavioral as well as physical problems.

Click on her name link above for more information, including her website...

Mary Lemons

Mary lives in North Carolina (and has raised horses for many years).  She devotes more and more of her time to giving workshops around the country, but she also does phone consultations (and meets with clients and their animals at her home).

In relation to animals (she also counsels people about human concerns), she's an animal communicator and a healer.  Though she is trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, and kinesiology and likes to work one-on-one with an animal when that's possible, she more often works with animals and their owners at long distance.  She describes her practice (which she calls "Inner Awakenings") as "holistic healing for all species", which goes far beyond merely communicating (that is, dealing with what she terms "third dimensional information" that is then simply passed on to the client).

This is how Mary describes what she does:  When she connects spiritually with animals, humans, or any species, she uncovers the spiritual and emotional aspects of their symptoms or situations.  She helps both animal and owner to relate to each other as spiritual beings, each teaching and learning from each other.

"Instead of telling you what your animal wants you to know, I create the Sacred Space for you to experience it first-hand."  Her intuitive messages help both humans and animals move beyond perceived barriers into wholeness.  "In this way," she says, "all species can be helped to understand their life experiences, to heal their past, to fully accept their present, and to positively affect their future."

I was serendipitously in contact with Mary when both of my dogs became ill and died a week apart - and I will be forever grateful to this beautiful woman for the loving guidance she gave me at a supremely difficult time.  She was able to both tell me what my beloved critters wanted for themselves (what an absolute blessing!) - and what they wanted for me - and to help me on a personal level as I dealt with inevitable stress and grief.

Click on her name link above for some descriptions of her services and contact information, and for her website...

Sarah Messina

Sarah, based in Melbourne, Australia, works with clients from all over the world.  Her childhood summers in the Outback have given her a wider range of animal experiences than most, and she has a deep interest in the mindset and welfare of all species.  

She is both an animal communicator and a long-distance Reiki energy healer with a background in clinical psychology and alternative health remedies.  (I was struck by the statement on her website that "many animals prefer distance healing to hands on healing", something that I would say has been borne out in my own animals' behavior.)  I've been impressed by her advocacy for the animals she contacts, for their right to determine what, and how much, they choose to touch on in "conversation", or accept in the way of healing - and by her sensitivity in handling my own questions about the results.  (Yes, expect to learn and grow as part of the process of communicating more deeply with your animal friend!)

Click on Sarah's name link for more about her services and her website, a really interesting resource...