Animal Healer/Communicator

Sarah Messina

(comprehension and energy healing)


As I mentioned on the Animal Healing Specialists / Animal Communicators page, I've been the recipient of some insights from Sarah Messina myself and am glad to recommend her to others. 

If you want to perceive your pet's point of view...

We have a lot to learn about our animals, don't we? - and there are many reasons why we might wish to ask for help in doing so.

I consulted Sarah about my dog Gracie, a once-abused border collie who remains a prickly "problem child".  I found it most interesting that the messages from Gracie that Sarah conveyed to me were definitely Gracie's priority, not mine.  (Perhaps if I had approached the consultation in a "needier" frame of mind - or if I had chosen to ask more specific questions - this might not have been so pronouncedly the case... and I might not have learned as much about my dear doggie.)  Though I'm eager to know more, there was dense-enough substance in what was passed to me that I can use some time to integrate it into my relationship with my black and white girl.

The testimonials on Sarah's website,, will give you some indication of the range of queries she has fielded for her clients.  I'd like to invite you to read through the testimonials and the Frequently Asked Questions on her site - I think you'll find much there of interest (especially if you're skeptical about non-physical healing).  You may also get a feeling for Sarah's worldview and highly principled approach (shared by many other Reiki practitioners ) by perusing the "Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators" and "Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics" on the About page.

What about energy healing?

Though I don't as yet have experience with Sarah's Reiki healing services, I have witnessed good results from energy healing for Gracie.  She calmed down greatly during the process as I watched another healer work on her, and afterward she was quite noticeably less touchy about many little things that used to send her into "abuse reaction mode".  I was, and continue to be, so glad for that!  And immediately afterward, when she did react, she obviously was able to control the extent of her reaction better - fascinating. 

I've never learned much about Reiki, and I found something interesting on another website when I was researching it:  that the practitioner sends the energy to the subject, and it is used for good in whatever way the recipient most needs.  This concept resonates with the way in which Sarah's communication with my dog occurred:  for her good, eliciting what Gracie most wanted me to know about at that particular time.  Healing is so often like peeling away the effects of trauma one layer at a time - and what we think the animal (or our self, as the case may be) needs may be different from what is really its top priority at this moment.  It also means that the healer doesn't have to be able to "see" precisely what needs to be healed - and that the healer is "getting him/herself out of the way".  I think it's important that we work to get comfortable with the idea of letting healing occur as it's needed (and understanding that we are all on a healing journey, step by step).

Getting in touch with Sarah

Sarah has an email contact form on her website,  Note, though, that she offers several ways in which you might choose to interact with her:  email, internet chat, phone or Skype. 

Sarah's free e-newsletter is also a wealth of interesting, unusual stories and tips about animals' points of view and their care.