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Tellington TTouch
Visualization for Others
Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)
TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)

Perhaps you're wondering why I put touch therapies and visualization therapies together! - three of these are ostensibly "physical", visualization therapy not...

Well, because they all take quite a leap of faith, even for "New Agey" folks...  They seem to work "like magic", and their underlying principles are still very hard to explain.  Nor have they been widely accepted as the perhaps equally "magical" homeopathy and acupuncture are.

Actually, they may indeed all involve the same principle...  They all call on a cell-to-mind or mind-to-cell perception, or feed-back system, perhaps.  Not "scientifically validated", according to most... yet.  (And so what?)

Also, there's this...  In working with animals, both touch therapies and visualization techniques are based on the more straightforward, we might say, effort of working with humans.  That is, when a human works on a human, communication, at least, is a given (if not a cinch!) - you can tell the other what to do, you can verify what is going on by asking the other.  But when we transfer the approach to animals, our leap of faith is even greater.

But of course with animals, we don't have to worry about the placebo affect.  (Unless you give credence to an ESP-like human-animal communication - in which case, you probably wouldn't be worrying about the placebo affect in the first place!  It just validates the power of the mind to heal, after all.)  All we want to know is, is the animal changed for the better?

...Try it and see.  Touch therapy and visualization techniques don't cost you a cent to try (except for the books, perhaps, that tell you how)... and they can't be hurtful (unlike drugs and surgery, need I comment?).  The worst that can happen is that you feel silly, in the privacy of your own home... your pet won't care!

What if one, or all, of them might have made the big difference, and you didn't try just because they seemed weird?  (If only I could give you a demonstration of applied kinesiology... you'd be a believer!)  If it seems bizarre, why don't you just suspend disbelief? - on behalf of your animal in need.

In the following pages, I give fairly brief introductions to the four techniques listed above, along with books you can use to prepare to do them.

If you're particularly interested in one of these options, you can certainly link ahead to it.  But I'd encourage you to read through them all in order, because they build on one another comment-wise, and to some extent in their substance.  They also assume similar skills, applicable to all.  And I think you'll find the connections between them very intriguing...


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