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To tell you the truth, I can't inform you that I've healed through visualization - I've hardly tried...  I haven't applied myself.

But there are others who have and who speak knowledgeably and confidently of it.  I'll tell you about some of them.  One thing I personally feel pretty confident about - if you can visualize healing for yourself, you ought to be able to do so for someone else... like an animal.

TTouch and Visualization

Linda Tellington-Jones tells in her book The Tellington TTouch : A Revolutionary... Natural Method to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal (written with Sybil Taylor - and formerly subtitled "A Breakthrough Technique to...")  «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books]  ...About working with one of three deathly ill snow leopard cubs at the Zurich zoo.  All three were dying of a respiratory infection that baffled the veterinarians.  The keeper was afraid the mother would be angry at the handling of her cub, so he would only let Linda work on it for a few minutes - only on one of them.

She gathered the struggling cat into her arms and did little TTouch circles to calm him.  She did the circles all over his body, beginning with his head, concentrating on his clogged sinus pathways.  "After what must have been approximately three minutes, the cub's breathing calmed and the mucus bubbles ceased to appear."  Having no "plan of attack", she let her hands guide her and after 25 minutes returned the snoozy cub to the amazed keeper and the perfectly calm mother.

"...Thereafter I received the happy news that the cub had started on the road to recovery almost immediately after his treatment.  Not only that, but his two littermates, who had been equally death bound, were recovering beautifully if inexplicably right along with him.

"I smiled to myself.  I had a secret, but I didn't want to tell anyone because I was afraid they would think I was crazy.  The whole time I was working on that young cat I had also been visualizing a cellular connection to his siblings, as though they too were receiving the TTouch.  And afterward, when we had returned the cub to his mother, I had noticed that the other cubs had also become calm and tranquil.

"Again and again I have been deeply impressed by examples of the power of visualization...and the untapped resources we all have within us."  Wouldn't it, rather, be crazy to not use the resources we have, or to pooh-pooh the transformative power of the mind?

If visualization can do that, what else can it do??

(For more on TTouch, see the previous page, Tellington TTouch.)

The Silva Method

I have in my collection a book by Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone called You the Healer : The World-Famous Silva... Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others«- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books]  It's about applying the power of the mind to the healing of the body.

Interestingly, the book is based on Jose Silva's teaching he called "The Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control" (it has also been called "Mind Dynamics").  Wow, stress - not only is it a major bugaboo, Mr. Silva bases a healing concept on overcoming it... with the mind.  (I always knew exercising wasn't enough! - stress is so largely attitudinal.)

The Silva Method "involves three specific aspects of positive thinking:  positive desire, positive belief, and positive expectation.  These elements are the building blocks to better health..."  Silva points out that it's more and more accepted that "the mind has many avenues of contact with bodily processes, some of which can 'tip the scales' toward healing."  Mental imagery (visualization) is now a widely-accepted adjunct to mainstream medicine, as is the mental control of bodily functions through biofeedback.

But healing others?  And animals?!

Well, Silva describes three healing methods for use on other people - one involves touch, one simply the passing of hands near the person, and the third healing others from a distance.  As with healing oneself, healing from a distance involves three simple pictures:  visualizing the problem, imagining the healing in the process of taking place, then imagining the problem already healed.  So simple!

The book also informs us how to practice relaxing, visualizing, and imagining... because just sitting down to try it probably won't do the trick.  We have to train our minds to reach the right level of consciousness - the just-before-sleep alpha level, "at which brain waves slow to about half their normal frequency during wakefulness" (the beta level).

It's at the alpha and theta (light sleep) levels that we communicate with the subconscious.  (In delta, deep sleep, we are truly unconscious.)  "Simply stated, the Silva Method...enables us to employ relatively slow brain waves (alpha) to expand our awareness and our problem-solving abilities.  Health problems are easiest to solve, because we are in control of the very source of these problems.

"Our bodies are equipped for self-healing.  We interfere with this natural process by reacting to events with worry and stress.  We can withdraw this interference by responding to external events with relaxed reactions.  We can also harness a healing energy by conceiving positive mental pictures and positive mentally verbalized instructions."

(I'm reminded of how the TTouch is so relaxing to animals - perhaps that is a far more integral part of its transformational capability than Linda Tellington-Jones realizes.)

We're also told that in practicing or working on ourselves, the best times are right after we wake, after we eat lunch, and when we go to bed.  "...At these times, you are most relaxed and open to right-brain functioning."  If we don't know the schedule of another person, we should therefore work in the night.  In fact, Silva recommends that we program ourselves to awake at the best time of the night for the other person.

Reprogramming again...  As Silva says, "we learn how to get sick at a very young age.  We are actually programmed for it with such messages as, 'If you get your feet wet, you'll catch cold'.  The brain neurons accept such programming as instruction, an order to be obeyed...  We watch others get sick.  We picture it happening to us...  Worry, too, is programming.  The pictures we hold in our minds also act as orders to be obeyed. ...It takes reprogramming to change."

And working on animals? ...That's my idea entirely - it isn't mentioned in You the Healer «- Clicking on this link will take you to book info at  (Or click HERE to try Powell's used books].  I have an absolute conviction, though, that any mental communication ability we have is not based on a spoken language, nor a peculiarly human power.  I guess Jose Silva just isn't a pet person - but if it works for Jose on Josephina, it ought to work on Rover and Fluff as well.

Certainly if you can improve another person's health remotely, you can mentally interact with a beloved pet at your feet. ...I do that all the time!

Don't know just what's wrong?  That shouldn't matter...  If you can tell your mind to pick up on the best time to communicate with a friend, you can certainly tell it to heal whatever is wrong with your pet.  (This is an assumption in TAT, so I take that as corroboration.)

And remember the snow leopards? - the two untouched cubs were healed via visualization, not through any touch.  TTouch itself assumes that whatever needs reprogramming is what will be done... the body takes care of itself once the negative programming is bypassed (whether this happens through physical means or not).  We don't have to know precisely what to do, we only have to do.

The Silva Method is essentially very easy to do; I mean to give some time to it (New Year's resolution!)... but any other visualization technique you're comfortable with would be good to try.






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