A comprehensive guide to holistic pet care...

To make sure you have the alternative medicine information and pet care resources you need.  It's as important as your critters are!

(Besides, natural healing is good for you too.)


Look for the underlinings! - these are the currently fleshed-out sections.


Natural Healing, Healthy Living for Your Animals  -  Can you really apply alternative medicine to pets?  Yes, just like with humanson top of The Basics...

By Treatment Method  -  Information on a rainbow of healing modalities to try, books to peruse, things to use:

What to do for exposed pets (and people)...

VETERINARIAN'S BEST HOLISTIC REMEDIES for over 1000 ailments - Treat your pets at home with confidence

CLICKER TRAINING SECRETS EXPLAINED  Free ecourse, FAQ, & ebook with explanatory photos, by experts who know how to teach

REIKI HOME STUDY COURSE  Save $1000s on Reiki training with online lessons by two experienced teachers (includes email support)


By Animal  -  Discussions and resources for specific critters:

  • Birds

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Horses (and Other Equines)

  • Other Critters (there are a zillion!but I'll try to help with what you might need...  Rabbits, goats, reptiles, hamsters, fish, hedgehogs, etc.)



By Ailment  -  Suggestions for where to turn for each type of complaint:

  • Behavioral (Aggression, barking, depression/anxiety, destructiveness, jealousy, licking, etc.)

  • Emergencies (Bleeding/wounds, broken bones, burns, dehydration, poisoning, shock, temperature extremes, etc.)

  • Internal/External (Allergies, bladder control, cancer, constipation/diarrhea, Cushing's disease, diabetes, fleas, hair balls, heart trouble, kidney failure, motion sickness, overweight, parasites, pregnancy/birthing, seizures, skin problems, vomiting, etc.)

  • Musculoskeletal (Arthritis, broken bones, hip dysplasia, strains, etc.)

  • Neutering, Heat, Pregnancy, and Neonatal Critter Care

  • A Word about Immunizations...

  • Bonus for humans:  Digestive System Problems    

Resources  -  How to get what you need to help your pet!:

  • Books on all kinds of topics related to alternative medicine (categorized by topic, animal, treatment method;  and including resources for humans that can be applied to animal healing)  [also a means of supporting this site]

  • Websites of interest

  • Products (where to get what you need; with a special section on repelling unwanted critters gently)

  • Practitioners:  Professional associations of holistic pet care practitioners, registries of animal healers worldwide (including a section on how to prepare for your visits to veterinarians and other health professionals)

  • Training:  Videos, courses, and educational programs worldwide   

    Find Holistic Vets in Your Area:
    (If no suitable entries appear and you're willing to travel, try a zip code from another area... or try one of the directories on the Holistic Veterinarians page.  You'll have to phone the veterinarian's office ahead of time to determine what manner of holistic services they offer.)



See Training page for a review of a fun and instructional DVD film for the whole family on healthy dog nutrition...

and wag your tail


        Discussion Forums  -  Meet and talk to others about alternative healing and the wonderful animals in your lives - share what you know, ask about what you need to know.
        Behind the Computer Screen  -  In case you'd like to know how this all got started...
        Getting in Touch  -  One person can only do so much...  If you have any resources to add or expertise to offer, please get in touch - especially, to make this site accessible to people in as many countries as possible.  Thank you!!




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Ye Olde Disclaimer:  Expressed herein are the opinions of a "layperson", and whoever else happens to write for this site...  I'm not taking responsibility for your pet's health - consider the contents educational material; take them with a grain of salt; consult your medical professional, etc.; learn... and do what you think is best.
Also...  I have the greatest respect and affection for the veterinarians I've utilized, and few of them have been "holistic" - so please don't misconstrue any frustration I exhibit as my being down on mainstream vets!  I just always wish and hope for more enlightenment in their training and individual delving.  Thank you, doctors, for all the care that you do give!


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